Best of the Bard - die Shakespeare-Gala

The Globe Scene - The Lusty Wench reveals a secret
The Ships Scene
Masters and Servants - Prospero's and Ariel's Duet
Masters and Servants - Petruchio is in charge
Masters and Servants - Grumio and Margaret
Anonymous Suicidals - Hamlet
Anonymous Suicidals - Ophelia
The Gulling of Malvolio
The Costume Scene
A quick costume change - from Malvolio...
... to Friar Francis
Unexpected Outcomes - Jupiter's Eagle
High Drama - The witches prepare to meet Macbeth
High Drama - Leontes meets his baby
Heroes and Villains - Richard, not yet king
Heroes and Villains - King Henry V and his soldiers
Stage Fights - Cop and evildoer
Stage Fights - Unwilling duellists
Stage Fights - Slow Motion fight
Stage Fights - Arcade Game
Stage Fights - After the fencing duel
Love - Phoebe and Silvius
Comedy - The Mechanicals perform their play
Comedy - Pyramus and Thisbe
Prospero says farewell to magic