Her Majesty's Will

Will Shakespeare and the schoolboys
Kitty Marlowe in distress, caught by Spanish agents
Kit Marlowe has another brilliant plan
The Chorus tells Will's story
Kit and Huffing Kate
Cutting Ball at his job
Phelippes is forced to take Will and Kit to her master
Sir Francis Walsingham thinks little of the code Kit stole
Will, Tarlton and Kit
Black Davie in action during the pub brawl
The innkeeper of the Elephant and Castle after the brawl
Lady Helena of Snakenborg helps the fugitives
The Guards at Cripplegate
Greene, Emily, Kit, Lyly, Will and the innkeeper in The White Hart Inn
Gilbert Gifford hates beggars
Catholic hunter Sir Thomas Lucy has Robert Dibdale arrested
Robert Greene is ready to help
Prominent actor Augustine explains good acting to the newbies
A joint effort to stop Savage from killing the queen
Sir Thomas Lucy accuses Will of murder
Walsingham's plans for Will and Kit's future
Long may she reign