Richard III

Clara Helfer sings the Soldier's Song

The Soldier's Song


Lyrics by Peter Baasner

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How sweetly the blackbirds sing
In this fair morning air,
What splendours the sun does bring
To this land cold and bare.
I wish it would forever last
And not depart so fast.


How sorrowful the owl now hoots,
The sound will make me swoon.
I hear the sounds of marching boots
Of soldiers’ dreadful doom.
He wouldn’t want to get in line
For life’s sake and for mine.


I fancied my love lay screaming,
His side a gaping gash,
Gasping for air and bleeding,
His hands in helpless rash!
I wept and wailed till morning’s dawn
On graveyard’s dewy lawn.


I hope my love will soon be back,
I long for his sweet kiss.
Our bond of love shall never crack,
I crave for young love’s bliss.
Forget war’s horrid bloody strife,
I’ll be your loving wife.