Hamlet, the Prince of Denmark

Ophelia's song
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I know I'll be alone tonight
This just can't be right
Hamlet, tell me is this the end
Our love blown like the sand
My heart's been in your hands 

Now my soul is torn
My attempts were all in vain
You took everything but the pain
Will we ever be the same?

A tear, so red
Is this blood, I am scared
Do you know that without you
I'll cry...I'll collapse and then I'll die

Heavens where am I
Without you I can't sigh
now all the bright is shaded
and our love has faded, faded to grey

Again a tear, so clear
All my hope has disappeared
You curdled my blood
You froze me up
Now I am stuck...can't move anymore

My heart has died
The moment you lied
The moment you lied

by Karim Yahyaoui